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Home » Packages » Azuki Beans

Our standard package that meets the needs of the sole trader

£30 per month (+VAT)

If you are a sole trader you want to know that your tax return is filed in on time and that you are paying the lowest amount of tax. The Azuki Beans package does just that.

We make sure that your annual sole trader tax return filed in good time and we will advise you on how to keep your tax liability to a minimum. You may even be lucky enough to reclaim tax.
This package comes with a big incentive: If you are well organised and keep good records which we receive by the end of September in a financial year, you will receive a discount on your fee. We want you to earn the discount so we will advise you on good record keeping and provide you with tools to help.
We believe that the Azuki Beans package is one of the most competitively priced packages on the market. And it comes with free tax advice to all clients.