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Home » About Us » Client Charter

We always endeavour to:

Provide the highest value service at a fair cost
Be transparent in the way we charge for our services
Deliver work to a timetable agreed with you
Provide you with advice and guidance to help your long term plans
Respond promptly to your enquiries

Beans challenge the traditional accounting model which is why we are open about our pricing.

“ What you see is what you get “. We believe our packages offer truly unbeatable value. We have carefully developed efficient processes using the most up to date technology which frees us to spend time with you so we can help your business grow and reduce your tax bill.

We don’t offer tax avoidance schemes, so we don’t have those embarrassing phone calls to tell clients the schemes they have paid us handsomely to join, have failed!

We like to meet face-to-face on a regular basis, pre and post your year end, to provide best in class advice which we combine with great quality work delivery.

Our highly-experienced and down-to-earth chartered accountants ensure that everything is kept simple, straightforward and professional…