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Helping you file your tax returns

We pride ourselves on our proactive and innovative approach to preparing your tax returns.

This year we are trialling our “tax return while you wait” service for tax returns during December and January.

Drop off your records at our shop and then do your shopping and we’ll have the tax return ready when you return. Or you can stay in our shop and have a coffee and a chat.

We don’t think there’s anyone else who does this.

Once you become a client we will make sure that you are reminded in good time of your tax deadlines. Of course our priority is to make sure you pay only the tax that you have to pay. We will work with you to keep your tax bill down. And as a client you can speak to us anytime for tax or business advice at no extra cost.

We also believe in charging clients a fair price for our work. This is why we are prepared to be open about our pricing – check out our pricing menu below. (All fees are subject to a 50% surcharge for tax return work started after the 18th January and needing submission by 31 January).

Price is from £250 plus VAT payable prior to work being started