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Macon Management & Design

Ian is now in sole charge of his company MMD following the retirement of his fellow Directors, leaving him with decisions to make but nobody to listen.

Find out how Beans do more than just the books for Ian

Build Skills Plus

Mark has worked hard to create an inspirational training centre for young brick laying apprentices. His time is a premium and he relies on prompt but objective business advice

Find out how Beans support Mark in order to help the business grow and prosper


Beans helps businesses across Cheshire with their accounts and a whole range of other business support services.

We’re not like the more ‘traditional’ accountants, where you slide a bag full of receipts and invoices across our desk once a year and a month later we give you back your completed books.

Instead we use our experience and the knowledge we’ve gained from working with hundreds of different companies to really help your business develop. Whether that’s to save you time, identify where you can cut your tax bill or help to make your cash flow more consistent, Beans can help.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or have been trading for years, we have a complete range of individual services and bundled packages all designed to relieve the administrative stress, that’s part and parcel of running a business.

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