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More than just Bean counters

Category: Accountancy | Jun 9, 2019

Business partnership not Bean counters

Over the last few years, global businesses have begun to see the advantages to having Accounts & Finance Departments that provide them with much more than just number crunching.

In fact the term Financial Business Partner is now common among organisations blue chip organisations and staff in these positions take a much wider role within the business than traditional Accounts staff. They’re expected to be able to help shape business strategy based on well informed financial decisions.

Anna Corry, Associate Finance Director at Proctor & Gamble said in a recent interview:

“FBPs must always stay objective. At a local level, this means accountants should always focus on the facts, outlining key financials; key assumptions made; potential pros and cons, and; ‘what would have to be true’ for each project to succeed. At a global level, finance can ensure it has a consistent set of standards by which it can evaluate projects and a strong culture of integrity and intimidation risk.”

Global businesses are aware that for continued growth, they need to have a business minded finance department, and this should also be the case for smaller organisations. And, although for many smaller businesses recruiting staff with the sort of level of skills needed to carry out this sort of work can be nigh on impossible, it shouldn’t be.

Here at Beans we have years of experience working in and with big businesses. We’re modern accountants with business skills and communications skills as well as accounting skills. And we can help you to achieve the level of growth that you’re capable of.

We’re relaxed and friendly, and we firmly believe in helping local SMEs to reach their full potential. Not only do we offer traditional accounting services and advice, but we can also use our wide ranging experience and networks to help you with everything else your business needs to grow. From marketing to HR, at Beans, we’re more than just accountants.

We’re real business partners.

So if this sounds like the sort of accountant you need to really kick-start your business, why not give us a call, or drop in for a no obligation, no fee chat? We’ll even have a brew and a biscuit ready for you when you get here.


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