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Home » Blog » What you need to file a tax return

What you need to file a tax return

Category: Tax | Nov 28, 2017

For many people who need to file an annual tax return the paperwork is the Bain of their lives.

A good accountant should always ask clearly at the start of the process for what they need and should be asking in summer or early autumn well ahead of the annual January filing deadline.

There is nothing worse for clients than a call a couple of months after handing in the paperwork with a request for missing information.

So for a right first time approach here’s what’s needed.

For anyone self employed (manual or digital records)

  1. Records that fully cover the tax year or accounting year
  2. Accurate record of income or sales made
  3. Sales invoices if you raise them
  4. Purchase invoices and expense receipts
  5. Statements for any loans or lease agreements
  6. Bank statements for business bank account
  7. Business mileage log detailing dates and miles covered


  1. Details of any other income earned from employment or pension P60/P45
  2. Detail of any contributions made to a private pension
  3. Certificate of bank interest earned
  4. Share dividend certificates
  5. Details or profits or losses made from the sale of any assets
  6. Rental income detail and copies of expense invoices for property let out
  7. Detail of any child benefit claimed and number of children claimed for
  8. Confirmation of student loans outstanding

Keeping this information each year in an orderly way is your responsibility as a business owner. There is no problem if a lot of this information is in a carrier bag or folder its just that accountants will normally charge more if they need to sort the paperwork out.

Your accountant shouldn’t judge but should be working with you to ensure that you don’t keep on getting nagged in your busy day for more information when you thought you had dropped it all off.


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