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The Cheeseyard

The Cheeseyard

Sarah Peak, owner of the Cheeseyard in Knutsford, has every reason to be proud of the success she has made with her delightful cheese shop-cum-café. The Cheeseyard, located on a quaint alley off King Street in Knutsford, is a haven for cheese lovers everywhere, selling speciality cheeses and complementary products such as crackers and chutneys.  The shop also sells a range of wines and beers, making it the ultimate indulgence store! If that isn’t enough, Sarah also decided to open up as a café/delicatessen that has proved extremely popular with the local residents.

Sarah has a wealth of experience in the food industry, starting in marketing and moving to her favourite position as a cheese buyer for a large supermarket chain. She explains how she identified a ‘gap in the market’ as, although there are plenty of specialist cheese shops around, there are few outside London that double as a café. Having such a well-established background in buying, Sarah was always confident that she would be able to source products with real appeal.

Starting your own business is a huge challenge and for Sarah, running two different businesses in one made the Cheeseyard a 24/7 commitment. “You have to be so dedicated and have a strong character,” she says. “The work never stops and you have to have the ability to take the highs with the lows.”

Sarah explains exactly how she manages to juggle her home life with the commitments of the business: “My husband works here at weekends so we get to spend a bit more time together. It can be really difficult at times, but it’s worth it when you get such positive feedback from customers.” The Cheeseyard also holds cheese and wine evenings which have been sold out many months ahead and customers are already wishing she had even bigger premises!

Sarah believes the advice she has received from working with her accountant Mike has been a great help. “Paperwork is always an overwhelming task in a business like mine,” she says.  “With so many invoices and receipts with constantly changing payment terms, it can be a bit of a nightmare and it’s great to have support with that.”  She also praises how Mike helped her to understand the “bigger picture” – how her business was operating in terms of profit and loss and how she could save money to help her business flourish.

Sarah tells us how friendly and approachable she found Mike and how she appreciated that he took the time to create bespoke, user-friendly documents that suited her business.

“There are so many things that your accountant can show you that you wouldn’t even know about and it’s important to have someone working with you who is a specialist in finance and current legislation. It’s impossible for anyone to be a specialist in every single aspect of their own business, so you need to make sure you have people on board who can point you in the right direction,” she stresses.

We think everyone needs to be pointed in the direction of this wonderful little cheese shop next time they visit Knutsford!