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Macon Management & Design

Macon Management & Design

Ian Gibb started Macon Management Design (MMD) back in 1991 with three other electronic engineers after they were all made redundant from their workplace in Crewe. The company has existed for 25 years and is still going strong, though the retirement of the other owners has meant that Ian now runs the company single handed.


Macon Management Design or MMD as it is more commonly known is an engineering design company that focuses on the design and development of embedded electronic system software used mainly in the banking industry. The company designs electronic systems relating to cheque processing, magnetic strip reading and encoding. Most of their designs are sub-contracted for manufacturer to U.K suppliers despite many of their customers being overseas ‘ Although we are small company ourselves our work does create jobs elsewhere as we sub-contract to manufacturers across the country’

Ian explains how they began the business with their severance pay from redundancy but had no real businesses plan, other than a list of contacts they had built up working in the industry. Ian, has a degree in electronic engineering and is a chartered electronic engineer and his Crewe premises is filled with complicated machinery and impressive circuit boards that boggle the mind. Clearly the work he does requires a great amount of skill and expertise and the longevity of the company is proof that MMD is now an established, trusted authority in this niche field of electronics. Ian says ‘the success of the businessis proven by the sustainability of the relationships and trust we have maintained with clients over a number of years, that is our biggest achievement’

Ian thoroughly enjoys running his own company and could never go back to employment. He talks about the ‘freedom to make your own decisions’ and the independence it gives you to plan your life around work. When we asked Ian about the benefits of having the support of David from Beans, he candidly explains how his past experience with accountants had not been positive, often finding that they simply ‘do your books, go through the motions and take their payment’ However his experience of working with David has clearly been refreshing.

Ian says…

“David is really good, approachable and friendly. He actually gives real advice on the best ways to manage the money that is in the business, as well as helping with the books. I find that I can sit down and bounce ideas off him and actually discuss my business. This is something I haven’t found before.”