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Processing customer payments and going paperless

One of the things we love at Beans is clever innovation and we really enjoy working with people who break down barriers and try to be different.

A big sector for us is the mobile worker, the likes of plumbers, joiners, installers, handymen and women, artisans, hairdressers and beauticians.

So what if someone developed an on-the-go smartphone application that would take the headache out of customer payment processing and going fully paperless from quotes to card payments without any card reader and even integrating to your accounts package?

That’s what the nice people at Smart Trade have done and we are delighted to be a partner in support of this exciting innovation.

SmartTrade App is revolutionary as it does away with the need for an expensive card machine and ensures that cashflow doesn’t become the headache it can be for so many traders.

So get work, get paid, get organised!