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Helping you get finance and find funding

One of the things our clients tell us they like about Beans is straightforward objective advice that matches their needs. When entrepreneurs launch or when businesses want to expand then affordable finance is a crucial step. It’s the thing that keeps us up at night whether its working capital funding or premises or asset replacement.

Both Mike and David have strong corporate finance backgrounds that they can apply to the small business sector in helping business owners thrive and grow. Asset finance, factoring or straightforward lending are all options that we can help you consider.

Beans’ partner in this area of small business funding is Asset Finance. Kurt Bradbury and Chris Morris are switched on and very well networked in this area of small business financing. We promise you will be as impressed as we are. They are well informed and on our clients’ wavelength.

The Beans full service package includes a no obligation no fee initial meeting with Asset Finance. Even if clients on this package don’t choose to take up this option you can rest assured that our partners in this area will be there to help you find finance and funding when you need it most.