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accounting for SMEs

Nine useful things your accountant will do for you

The days of the stereotypical pen-pushing accountant, with leather elbow patches on his tweed jacket, are well and truly over. These days, accountants are essential partners to all successful businesses – from start-up ventures and self-employed contractors, to multi-national corporations.

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key deadlines this tax year

Five ways to pay less tax

An experienced and professional accountant is totally familiar with the ins and outs of the tax system. It is his or her job to get up to speed with any changes to rules and regulations as soon as they are announced.

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Election Slip

What the election results could mean for your business

For the next few weeks, you will find that all politicians – regardless of party – want to be your friend. This isn’t necessarily because you have suddenly become very popular, but because the UK General Election is now tediously close, and polls are currently predicting that every vote will count for an overall election win.

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help from specialised small and medium enterprise acountants

Five things to think about when choosing your accountant…

Starting a new start-up venture, or expanding an existing business can be a particularly stressful time, so the sooner you get an accountant on board to help relieve some of the administrative and financial headaches, the better.

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12 accounting things your business must do in year one

The 12 most important things a business needs to do in Year One…

Launching a new start-up venture can be exciting, daunting and stressful – all at the same time! There are so many things to think about, so many deadlines to meet, and so many people to talk to.

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key deadlines this tax year

Seven places to find funding for your business…

Cash flow and working capital are amongst the most common headaches for businesses, regardless of their size, success and how long they have been established.

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