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not your average bean counters

More than just bean counters

Over the last few years, global businesses have begun to see the advantages to having Accounts & Finance Departments that provide them with much more than just number crunching.

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six signs you need a new accoutnant

Six signs that you need a new accountant

We know it can be difficult to know what to expect from your accountant. It can also be hard to decide when it’s time to move on and find a new one who’ll provide you with a better service.

We thought we’d put together a brief guide to what you should be expecting from your accountant. You could even say our top six signs that you need a new accountant.

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can my accountant be my registered office?

Can my accountant be my registered office?

Are you a small limited company without a permanent place of trading? Are frequently you away from home? Would you prefer not to use your home address for business purposes, or for your home address to be publicly available?

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key deadlines this tax year

Key Deadlines this Tax Year

With 2015 drawing to a close, here’s a list of all the dates and key deadlines this tax year that you’ll need to remember when you’re filing your tax returns for the final quarter.

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2016 sees some interesting changes being made to how company dividends are being taxed

Do you know about the 2016 Dividend tax changes?

Beans keep things simple but tax changes can be a big test even for us. See what you think and please give us feedback, it might not be bed time reading but it is really important stuff that impacts the financial rewards you can take from your business.

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not your average bean counters

More than just an accountant

Is it the stuffy, corporate clichés: humourless men in pin-stripe suits who make you feel a little intimidated? People who seem incapable of speaking to you in clear English?

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Which to choose: umbrella or limited company

Making the right choice: Umbrella or Limited Company

When you’re a contractor, it can be hard to decide how to conduct your business. Do you work with an Umbrella Company or do you trade as Limited Company?

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Beans Accountants are experts at helping you to understand IR35

Understanding IR35

IR35, also known as the ‘Intermediaries Legislation’, was introduced in 2000 to target tax avoidance in ‘disguised employment’.

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Cash Basis: A simpler way of declaring your taxes

Cash Basis is a simple accounting method compared to the traditional accrual accounting method. It is only available if you’re a sole trader or a partner.

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Capital Allowances: How you can use them to reduce the tax you pay

Do you own a business? Do you know that whether you’re a start-up or an older, larger business, self employed or a contractor, Capital Allowances allow you to claim tax back on all assets bought for business use?

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