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The Autumn statement

Nothing very spectacular here but in fairness there wasn’t very much to give away. Some of the projected future debt figures for the government are eye watering but we shouldn’t forget that we live in a relatively low tax economy

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March budget – how it affects you

The overriding theme in George Osborne’s latest budget was to help the working individual and small business owners in particular. A number of the changes will benefit lower and middle income earners.

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Getting the right people first time – Guest Post

Recruiting can be one of the most difficult parts of running a business. Employing the wrong person can have a detrimental affect on your business.

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April 2016 employee changes – auto-enrolment

Beans auto-enrolment and payroll guru David Rodick answered questions during a recent in-house workshop that focused on the big changes and initiatives in 2016 around employing staff.

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This year sees some important mortgage and tax changes for landlords

Important news for landlords

In a piece of important news for landlords, the property industry has rounded on George Osborne for cutting tax relief on private rental properties.

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Starting your own business

Initially, it can be quite exciting – and even a boost to the ego – to give out new business cards with your name above the words “managing director” or “proprietor”.

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7 Reasons Start-ups should get an accountant early

Many start-up businesses can often run into trouble early on because they don’t get the right advice when starting their ventures.

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Becoming a Contractor

Being your own boss is a dream that many people have – not having to take orders from a supervisor (for whom you have little respect!), being the master of your own destiny, away from petty company politics, doing what you are good at and enjoy for the people you want to work with, and earning more money that you would in an ordinary job!

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Top seven reasons to switch accountants…

You’ve managed so far, but you’re not entirely sure if your accountant is right for you. The service seems fine: Once a year you get a request for records and a few months later you receive a set of accounts.

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How to switch accountants…

You’ve been working with your accountant for a while, but now its time for a change. What happens now? Do you need to serve notice? Is there an exit charge? Will there be a proper handover? We can put your mind at rest.

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