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help from specialised small and medium enterprise acountants

Beans Friday drop in sessions

Every Friday Beans is hosting drop in sessions between 10am and 2pm at our friendly Crewe and Warrington shop fronts. With the 31 January tax deadline  fast approaching we know from past experience that small business owners worry about their

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31 January deadline hints and tips

31 JANUARY  HINTS AND TIPS Get organised now before Christmas and avoid the risk of delayed submissions and higher accountancy charges. Run through what you need with your accountant for 30 minutes first its time really well spent and avoids

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4 tips on mortgages for the self employed

1. Getting a Mortgage with a low credit score   Understandably, banks and building societies are careful who they lend money to and financial histories are always looked into, with no exceptions. Looking into a credit history will show up

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5 big tax changes

1. Making Tax Digital From April 2018 Sole Traders and Partnerships earning £10,000 or more per year will need to make quarterly electronic submissions to HMRC declaring their income and expenditure for that quarter.  The submissions will need to be

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The Autumn statement

Nothing very spectacular here but in fairness there wasn’t very much to give away. Some of the projected future debt figures for the government are eye watering but we shouldn’t forget that we live in a relatively low tax economy

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March budget – how it affects you

The overriding theme in George Osborne’s latest budget was to help the working individual and small business owners in particular. A number of the changes will benefit lower and middle income earners.

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Getting the right people first time – Guest Post

Recruiting can be one of the most difficult parts of running a business. Employing the wrong person can have a detrimental affect on your business.

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April 2016 employee changes – auto-enrolment

Beans auto-enrolment and payroll guru David Rodick answered questions during a recent in-house workshop that focused on the big changes and initiatives in 2016 around employing staff.

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This year sees some important mortgage and tax changes for landlords

Important news for landlords

In a piece of important news for landlords, the property industry has rounded on George Osborne for cutting tax relief on private rental properties.

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Starting your own business

Initially, it can be quite exciting – and even a boost to the ego – to give out new business cards with your name above the words “managing director” or “proprietor”.

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