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Beans Friday drop in sessions

November 30, 2016

Every Friday Beans is hosting drop in sessions between 10am and 2pm at our friendly Crewe and Warrington shop fronts. With the 31 January tax deadline  fast approaching we know from past experience that small business owners worry about their paperwork, the tax implications and what is expected of them.

The idea of the drop in’s is for David and Mike to answer questions and give advice on all aspects of accounting and tax that might be bothering small business owners whether you are pre-start up’s or mature businesses. Beans has also always opened on Saturdays throughout the year but in January its every Saturday. We also open late nights when required and you only need to ask.

We also make sure that our clients don’t leave the  shops worried about anything. For years now clients have been able to register with HMRC and pay their tax bills with our help in the shops and the feedback is consistently that this is a real help because once the client leaves everything is done and there are no loose ends.

help from specialised small and medium enterprise acountants

I just need someone to ask

So what can you expect ?

Well firstly a smile, then a hot drink and a biscuit followed by us listening to your issues and questions and feeding back some objective and useful advice. There is free Wifi, meeting spaces and printing and scanning  and our shopfronts are warm, welcoming and trendy spaces to do business in.

Even if you already have an accountant we would still like to meet you because we are a really friendly bunch.

So please come along and bring a friend, you won’t be disappointed and we will put an end to that anxiety and stress and that’s a promise.